Save time with AI

Free AI Search, Analytics and Generated Responses for government

Value delivered

Customized to you

Sources included

Citation of sources verify accuracy

Easy to implement

< Takes less than 30 Min


*Integration w/ Municode

City branded styling

Follows guidelines for safe AI use

Can limit use to publicly available information
Reviewing, revising and fact-checking made easy
Automatically organizes and logs your usage in the case of records request
Citations provided
City-specific accounts provided

Safety is key

Our AI Search is controlled content. Search results are based on your website and documents and pages you provide.


See a list of searches and analyze effectivenes of responses from your dashboard.

Secure data

Our system, powered by ChatGPT 3.5 and AWS, ensures robust security measures to protect your information.

Premium add-ons

More complex documents
Internal documents (policies)
Meeting minutes
Document management integration
Refresh content regularly
Analytics on top searched themes
How to’s - call scripts
April Everett
April Everett
Application Services Manager

Rowan County, NC

"The Polimorphic team has been extremely responsive and easy to work with, from the initial discussions of how the tool works, to testing and tweaking to ensure searches yield the best results for our citizens. They provided us simple code that we were easily able to drop onto our website and allowed us to take hit-or-miss searches from basic to contextually rich and on-point."

Intashan Chowdhury
Intashan Chowdhury
Borough Administrator

Prospect Park, NJ

"The best part of this partnership was Polimorphic's visit. The team sat with our department heads and analyzed our various processes, provided feedback, and we got a better understanding of what needed to be done to better serve with the rollout of this new CRM tool."

Doug Matthews
Doug Matthews
Assistant City Manager

City of Grand Rapids, MI

"If generative AI can help a resident find their answer and present it in a plain-language, usable format, we’re helping to ensure that everyone’s time is respected and used well."

Mayor Mohamed Khairullah
Mayor Mohamed Khairullah

Prospect Park, NJ

"Prospect Park is embracing the future while ensuring safety and reliability by maintaining 100% control over the content of our search."

Kelly L.
Kelly L.

"AI Search is faster than searching through the site or FAQ!"